About Me

Originally from New Brunswick, I’ve been living on PEI since 2006. I work as an executive director for a social profit recreation organization and really enjoy my job. I am married with 3 kids, a tank full of fish, and a garden with more weeds than I’d like.

I decided to pursue a marriage commissioner licence as I really like events and there is no bigger event than a wedding! I look forward to being part of your special day and helping you to make this lifelong commitment to each other along with the support of your friends and family. I am eager to work with you to make sure the ceremony goes as you want it.

My aim with each ceremony is to make the couple feel as comfortable and confident as possible. I do like to tell [terrible?] jokes but do solemnly swear to only tell them during rehearsals. I can also help with pronouncing the word “solemnly” among others that are in the legal ceremony text!

I am a champion for True Sport and Kidsport PEI as I believe everyone deserves the benefits of an active life. Also, I GISH.

I can provide my own KISS costume, if necessary.