Basic Civil Ceremony

This ceremony is short and simple with the focus on meeting legal requirements.

Personalized Ceremony

While still incorporating all legal requirements, this type of ceremony is customized to suit the wishes of the couple. It often incorporates additional readings, music, family involvement, or other meaningful additions a couple chooses to make the day more special.

Vow Renewals

This ceremony is for couples who are already married who wish to recommit themselves to one another. It can be a repeat of their original marriage vows or a completely new ceremony. There is no legal paperwork required for this type of ceremony.

Commitment Ceremonies

If for some reason a couple is unable to legally marry (or just doesn’t want to) but still wants to publicly commit to each other, this ceremony can be performed. Although it would have no legal basis, it can still be meaningful for the couple.

Witness Services

Two witness are required at weddings. For an additional fee, witnesses can be provided for a couple who does not have their own.